ULMWP opens office in Wamena



Wamena is a major town in the Central Highlands



Victor MamborFeb 15, 2016


Installation nameplate ULMWP office in Wamena by one announcer ULMWP, Edison Waromi – Jubi / Victor Mambor



Jayapura, Jubi – About five thousand people gathered at the Indigenous Council Office Lapago,

Grave Complex in Jalan Lama, Wamena town to attend the inauguration of the office of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP), Monday (15/02/2016). These communities come from different cultural regions Lapago.


Honai shaped office was built on the efforts of society. They raise money by selling agricultural produce, pork or vegetables. Total costs used to build this office reached 350 million.


“This office was once just a regular honai. Which is then burned by bad people. Now people can prove that they can build their own offices for tribal councils and ULMWP. This is incredible, “said Father John Jonga who lead worship of thanksgiving for the establishment of indigenous honai used as office ULMWP together Lapago Tribal Council offices.




people who had gathered to attend the inauguration of the office ULMWP – Jubi / Victor Mambor



The inauguration of this ULMWP office, according to Markus Haluk, one high-ranking ULMWP, to provide answers to the Indonesian government statement said ULMWP just a bunch of people who are outside Papua. ULMWP, continued Mark, is the people of Papua, West Papua nation itself.


“People are waking up this office. They provide the land, they have to pay, to be this office. That is evidence that ULMWP in the Land of Papua. Those outside Papua is simply the person appointed to carry out the task of liberating the people of West Papua, “said Markus.




Three chief of the indigenous Lapago received reports of ULMWP – Jubi / Victor Mambor




ULMWP office in Papua, as stated by the Chairman of the Melanesian Spearhead Group, Manasseh Sogavare, is very important. Sogavare in a meeting with leaders of West Papua in Honiara in late January, the Chairman of MSG ULMWP welcomed plans to build an office in West Papua. He said ULMWP presence in West Papua, is strategically important.


“People criticize MSG MSG when receiving ULMWP as observers. They say ULMWP are people who live outside of West Papua and do not represent the people of West Papua. This is wrong thinking that must be confronted, “said Sogavare.



Community generously contributed to the office ULMWP – Jubi / Victor Mambor



The same is conveyed Octovianus Mote, Secretary General ULMWP.

“ULMWP not katifitas group of people abroad. ULMWP are a nation of Papua itself. ULMWP there in the Land of Papua, in seven indigenous territories of Papua, “said Oktovianus Mote.


ULMWP office in Wamena is the result of an agreement ULMWP in Honiara, last January.

“We agree ULMWP office we have placed in the community, in the heart of the Land of Papua,” said Oktovianus Mote.


Other ULMWP office, according to ULMWP Secretary General, will be opened in several regions in Papua. But the position of these offices later as a liaison office. (Victor Mambor)



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