WP Parade March on April 29 to be bigger than last one above in 2010


By Len Garae | Posted: Saturday, April 23, 2016 12:00 am


WP Parade March on April 29 to be bigger than last one above in 2010

While more and more people in Port Vila are rushing to sign the public petition at Manples Market for the peaceful march on April 29, to demand the Melanesian Spearhead Group Summit Leaders to give West Papua full membership, the Chairman of the Vanuatu West Papua Committee, Pastor Allan Nafuki says a two-member delegation from Kanaky (New Caledonia) who are pushing to get the Kanaky Referendum issue on the same band wagon, have been advised to wait until after the march on April 29.

The Chairman says his committee has to work on urgent issues one issue at a time. The Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu has always placed Independence for Kanaky at all its annual general assembly since day one.

Now Kanaky already has a political voice through FLNKS Victor Tutugoro as a full member of MSG.

The Chairman has recommended for them to pursue their case through their leader Tutugoro.

The well-travelled Chairman says the two persons – one a caucasian Frenchman called Leonelli Jeannick and his partner Tjibaou Sabine, who is the daughter of the late Jean-Marie Tjibaou, have made a number of claims concerning FLNKS and themselves.

Pastor Nafuki says his Committee has to look into the duo’s claims to make sure they are genuine in order to decide whether or not to place their case on a similar plate as that of West Papua.

Meanwhile an increasing number of petition forms have also been sent to the rural Provinces to get the support of the masses there before April 29.

The Vanuatu West Papua Committee expects to mobilise 12,000 signatures for the planned peaceful march.


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