We will lose everything : A Report on a Human Rights Fact Finding Mission to West Papua


Pictures from AWPA (SA) inc’s West Papua Public Forum 2nd November 2017


Dr Jim Elmslie  , Academic specialist  on West Papua with Rex Rumakiek , Executive member of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua who spoke at the Forum .

Rex discussed the presentation of a petition signed by 1.8 million West Papuans to the United Nations in September 2017  also spoke about the campaign to get more countries to sign up in support of West Papua and the call to have a democratic vote of Papuans about self determination.


Rosemary McKay , Chairing the Forum


Crowd scene from the Forum


Felix Patrikeef , Associate Professor , University of Adelaide and the Australian Institute of International Affairs , S.A. Branch, talking to the meeting


Peter Arndt, Executive officer , Catholic Justice & Peace Commission of Brisbane

Below is a link  to the report Peter and Sister Susan Connelly prepared about Human Rights abuses in West Papua when they visited recently . It is only 24 pages long but contains very hard hitting and valuable information .


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