Buchtar Tabuni of ULMWP arrested by police

Arrest of Buchtar TabuniNews Desk

18 October 2022

Buchtar Tabuni
United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) figure, Buchtar Tabuni during negotiations with members of the Jayapura City Police at his home, Jayapura City, before being arrested on Monday (17/10/2022) afternoon. – Doc. ULMWP

Jayapura, Jubi – United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) leader Buchtar Tabuni was arrested by police in Jayapura City on Monday, October 17, 2022. Tabuni was arrested at his home in Kampwolker, Yabansai Village, Jayapura City. Until Monday night, Tabuni was still undergoing examination at the Jayapura City Police Headquarters.

The news of Tabuni’s arrest was conveyed to Jubi by the Secretary of the ULMWP Action Committee, Christianus Dogopia, via WhatsApp message service. “Buchtar was forcefully arrested by the police. Until now, it is not yet known what the reason for the arrest of Buchtar was,” he said.

Dogopia said, on Monday a number of armed police surrounded Tabuni’s house in Kampwolker. “At around 10 a.m. Papua time, heavily armed Indonesian police came to Buchtar Tabuni’s residence in Kampwolker,” he said.

According to Dogopia, the police surrounded Tabuni’s house until around 3 p.m. The police then arrested Tabuni.

“We also don’t know the reason why the police surrounded Tabuni’s residence. Currently, the police have arrested Buchtar Tabuni and brought him to Jayapura City Resort Police,” he said. Dogopia said Tabuni’s arrest was not accompanied by an arrest warrant.

Buchtar Tabuni
Buchtar Tabuni when questioned by investigators from the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Jayapura City Police, Monday (17/10/2022). – IST

Jayapura City Police Chief Sr. Comr. Victor D. Mackbon on Monday afternoon confirmed that his office arrested Buchtar Tabuni. According to him, Tabuni was arrested to clarify the activities held at his home since three days ago. “Buchtar Tabuni’s arrival is to clarify his community gathering activities,” said Mackbon.

He explained that the police came to Tabuni’s residence because they received a report from the community. “We are responding to reports related to community gathering activities carried out by Buchtar Tabuni as they do not have a permit and are considered to have disturbed the community,” he said.

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