Student protest against G20 comply with rules but faced with police brutality  


Student protest against G20 comply with rules but faced with police brutality  

News Desk – Papuan Students Reject G20 

17 November 2022

Jayapura, Jubi – Student president of the University of Science and Technology Jayapura (USTJ) Ronny Tigi said the student protest in Jayapura City to reject the G20 summit on Wednesday, November 16, 2022, was in accordance with the rule. However, the police still dispersed the demonstration.

“The action we held earlier was not violating the law and upholding the democracy that exists in this country,” Ronny Tigi said in a written statement.

Tigi said there were no rules prohibiting protesters from marching. However, the police pushed back the protesters who were going to march from the Cenderawasih University Campus in Abepura to the Papua Legislative Council (DPRP) Office.

“We regret the attitude of the police who are supposed to protect every citizen who wants to express their opinions in public. In fact, we were beaten using water canons, rattan, warning shots, and even stones thrown by the authorities at us, students,” he said.

Chairman of DPRP’s Special Group John NR Gobai criticized police actions to disperse the student protest. Gobai said that the democratic space in Papua was increasingly silenced.

“If students are always prohibited by the police from expressing their opinions at the DPRP Office, then what is the point of having the parliament? People want to convey their aspirations to the Papua parliament but they cannot. That is an act of silencing freedom of speech. In fact, any aspirations conveyed by the people to the DPRP must be accepted and heard,” Gobai said.

Separately, Jayapura City Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Victor Dean Mackbon said the protest against the G20 summit was disbanded by the police because the mass attacked the police.

“The protest started in an auditorium and the officers secured it well. However, the protesters were provoked so they went against the officer’s line and entered the road. They wanted to do a long march. We think this is bad so we pushed them back,” said Mackbon. (*)


2) Papuan students in Bali reject G20 and demand self-determination

News Desk – Papuan Students Reject G20 

17 November 2022

Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan Student Alliance (AMP) in Bali island rallied to reject the G20 summit and demand the right to self-determination for Papua on Wednesday, November 16, 2022. However, they were blocked by a mass organization and the authorities until they were pulled back to the Papuan Student Dormitory.

The student alliance’s head, Jenno Dogomo, when contacted by Jubi on Wednesday via WhatsApp, said the protest began at 09:30 a.m. Bali time. At that time, the field coordinator directed the students to move from the Papuan Student Dormitory on Tukad Yeh Aya Street to the United States Consulate. However, they were immediately blocked by a mass organization.

“While we were standing and holding posters, we were blocked by a large number of people from a mass organization and Banjar Renon village officials. They repressed us, and shouted at us with racist remarks,” Dogomo said.

At 10 a.m., the people began to throw the students with stones, wood, and bottles while the students tried to convey their aspirations against the G20 summit. A number of Papuan students and activists were injured.

“Our friend Hery got shards of glass thrown by members of the mass organization. Bolikam’s ear tip was torn. Yabes got hit by a slingshot bullet right in the stomach. Leksi was punched in the stomach. Andre was hit in the face with a bamboo stick, while Wemmy’s lips were injured,” said Dogomo. He added that the mass organization snatched and tore their posters and seized their flag.

At around 11 a.m., the students retreated and entered the Papuan Student Dormitory. The mass organizations blocked the entrance and exit of the dormitory. “We ask for advocacy and monitoring from all parties,” he said.

Dogomo said the G20 summit in Bali was not any good and could have a negative impact on the Papuan people. “The G20 summit was held at the expense of the people of Bali. It can also have a worse impact on Papua which has abundant natural resources,” he said. (*)

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