Dozens of immigrants in Oksibil fled to Jayapura

News Desk – Oksibil Refugees, TPNPB

January 13, 2023

Jayapura, Jubi – About dozens of migrant residents in Oksibil, Mountains Bintang District, Papua Mountains Province chose to flee to Jayapura City, after successively experiencing terror from the West Papua Liberation Army or TPNB group.

Dozens of residents went to Jayapura by using a Cassa aircraft type CN 235 A-2307 belonging to the Indonesian Air Force, Friday (13/1/2023) morning.

“It’s true that today residents who live and are on vacation in Oksibil have chosen to secure themselves in Jayapura,” said the Chief of the Gunung Bintang Police, AKBP Moh. Dafi Bastomi.

Bastomi said his party was working with the Indonesian Air Force to fly people to Jayapura.

Meanwhile, for people who wish to remain in Oksibil City, he said, the TNI/Polri Security and all stakeholders guarantee their security.

“With the security disturbance, we (TNI/Polri) continue to provide services and facilitate people who wish to go to Jayapura,”.

“We also continue to coordinate with the Regional Government to maintain security and order in the Bintant Mountains to remain conducive.” he said.

For public services, said Bastomi, everything was running normally both health, banking and the economy were running as usual. (*)


Puluhan warga pendatang di Oksibil mengungsi ke Jayapura

News DeskPengungsi Oksibil, TPNPB

January 13, 2023

Masyarakat saat bersiap menaiki pesawat TNI AU menuju Jayapura, Jumat (13/1/2023) – Jubi.istimewa

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