) Kaimana Govt seeks to discipline teachers and health workers

Kaimana, Jubi – The Kaimana Regency Administration seeks to discipline teachers and health workers who are often negligent in carrying out their duties, says Kaimana Regent Freddy Thie based on a working visit to seven regencies in 2022 in which he received many complaints from residents about teachers and health workers who were rarely on duty.

“In almost every village I visited, people always complained about education and health services. People report that teachers and health workers are rarely on duty,” he said when contacted from Manokwari on Tuesday, January 3, 2023.

“Apparently this is a classic problem in our regency that has never been resolved for a very long time,” Freddy Thie added.

The former businessman said he was concerned when he learned about the condition of education and health services in rural and coastal areas.

“The education of our children in the villages is not going well. They have months off because their teachers go back to the city even though they receive a salary from the government every month,” said Freddy.

He argued that the phenomenon of state civil apparatus (ASN) neglecting their duties did not only occur in villages far from the city center. Even in Kaimana City, there are still government employees who neglect their duties.

“There are still ASNs and contract workers who come to the office just to fill in attendance, and there are those who never come to work for months,” said Freddy.

Therefore, he said, the Kaimana Government is trying to discipline all state civil apparatus and government employees to optimize the delivery of community services.

“We are committed that in 2023 we will enforce disciplinary rules on those unruly civil servants and contract workers,” he said.

After conducting a Christmas Safari in Teluk Etna some time ago, the regent ordered Kaimana Regional Secretary Donald R Wakum to immediately follow up on reports and complaints from residents about teachers and health workers who were often absent.

“I immediately told the secretary to record all the names of irresponsible teachers and health workers. There must be a letter of reprimand. But if they are still stubborn, we will take firm action, either by withholding salary or dismissal,” said the Kaimana Regent. (*)

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